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A treatise on forming, improving, and managing country residences : and on the choice of situations appropriate to every class of purchasers. In all which the object in view is to unite in a better manner than has hitherto been done, a taste founded in nature with economy and utility, in constructing or improving mansions, and other rural buildings, so as to combine architectural fitness with picturesque effect, and in forming gardens, orchards, farms, parks, pleasure-grounds, shrubberies, all kinds of useful or decorative plantations, and every object of convenience or beauty peculiar to country seats, according to the extent, character, or style of situations, and the rank, fortune, and expenditure of proprietors, from the cottage to the palace. With an appendix, containing an enquiry into the utility and merits of Mr. Repton's mode of shewing effects by slides and sketches, and strictures on his opinions and practice in landscape gardening. Illustrated by descriptions of scenery and buildings, by references to country seats, and passages of country in most parts of Great Britain, and by thirty-two engravings

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